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In 2017 The Kostiuk Foundation made a three year commitment to help fund the Georgia Chapter ALS Care Grant Program.  This program provides financial aid grants to Georgia patients diagnosed with ALS and PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis) to address needs not covered by traditional insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.  Since receiving our 3 year commitment the Georgia Chapter of ALS has been able to increase their dollar amount per grant cycle from $500 to $750 for a total of $1,500 per year.  In 2017 we helped over 164 people, in 2018 we saw an increase of 41% of 231 people in the State of Georgia that received the grants.  The first cycle of grants have already been received; for a total of 125.  The second cycle opens August 1, 2019.  Fast forward to 2022, the Georgia Chapter ALS Care Grant Program has now been renamed as the Kostiuk Care Grant Program and still going strong.

In addition to the Kostiuk Care Grant Program, The Kostiuk Family Foundation also has worked with 101 Mobility to aid ALS patients with stair lifts and/or hoyer lifts in their homes.  If you know someone that may need some help in this area please send us an email.

Help us continue to fund these projects and help us be able to broaden our territory in the future for ALS Warriors everywhere.

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